Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

  • Could Your Car's Wheel Bearings Be About to Fail?

    Have you noticed a strange rumbling or growling noise whenever your vehicle is rounding a bend? Further, does the noise appear to emanate from the left or right corner and seem to be coming from the direction of the wheel? If so, you may be encountering an issue with a wheel bearing, a very important if a small part, and you need to take a much closer look. What could be going on?

  • Are You Sure That Your Automatic Transmission System Is As Clean As It Should Be?

    Some automotive enthusiasts believe that you do not have to service an automatic transmission in the traditional sense. In other words, they may believe that it is simply acceptable to drain out the old fluid and replace it with a new one if you want to maintain the life of this crucial component. But while these complicated systems are undoubtedly well built and designed to last, you may be only doing half the job if you simply drop the transmission pan and subsequently replace the fluid.

  • Why You Need to Keep a Close Eye on Your Truck's Suspension System

    Most heavy-duty trucks on the road today are fitted with an air suspension system, as this has several advantages over a traditional set-up. It'll improve the vehicle's ride height, make it less unstable when empty and allow for better cornering speeds during everyday use. However, these systems can be vulnerable to damage and must be overhauled according to a strict schedule if problems are to be avoided. So if you encounter some issues with the air suspension system on your truck, what could be going wrong?

  • Why the Rubber Bushes on Your Trailer May Need Some Additional Love

    If you regularly tow a car or boat trailer, you know how important it is to make sure it is in good shape. You need to ensure that all electrical connections are in working order so that you stand out at night, and you also need to ensure that the brake pads fitted to the trailer are capable of doing their job. Yet you should also look at another area during any routine service, and many people forget to do so.

  • 4 Things You Should Know About Log Book Servicing

    Have you heard about logbook servicing? It is a manufacturer-recommended service protocol that aims to keep your engine healthy. Below are some things you should know about logbook servicing.  1. Logbook Is Tied To Your Vehicle Warranty The perks of buying a new vehicle are that it comes with a warranty. This warranty has varying terms, one being that the owner should follow the recommended logbook servicing schedule. If you breach this condition, the warranty could become void since the company could argue that your negligence caused the issue.

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Awesome auto service stories

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