Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

First Time at a Roadworthy Inspection? What Should You Expect?

by Debra Morgan

Do you need to take your vehicle in for a roadworthy inspection in the near future? If so, you will want to make sure that it passes with flying colours so that you don't need to take it back following repairs and can use your time effectively. As you haven't attended one of these sessions before, what are the main points to remember, and how can you prepare properly right now?

Not Mechanical Proof

Some people think that a roadworthy certificate means that the vehicle is mechanically sound and can be used as "proof" for any onward sale. It's important to note that this type of inspection will only determine if the vehicle is safe for use on the road and is a snapshot of its condition during the actual inspection. While the certificate may last for up to 30 days from its date of issuance, it does not mean that the vehicle remains in a roadworthy condition for that period of time.

So, given that, what will the inspector look for?


Each tyre must have enough tread across the entire footprint. Look for the tread wear indicators in the primary channels' so long as the tread blocks are above those indicators, you should be okay. However, remember to have a look at the sidewalls for evidence of any damage such as bulges, chips or cracks. If these are prominent, you may need to get that tyre replaced before taking the vehicle into inspection. While the inspector may not look at the spare wheel (apart from making sure that it is securely mounted), you are best advised to keep this tyre in the same condition.


All the lamps must be in working order and mounted securely. The inspector will have a closer look at the headlights and, in particular, the outer lens. On an older vehicle that may be kept in the sun, these may tend to be "yellow." If this is the case, you need to get them polished so you can always see and be seen at night.


Do your wiper blades tend to smear? If so, change the blades and make sure that the spring mechanism is holding the assembly as it should. Ensure that the washer fluid bottle is full and that, when activated, it directs the liquid onto the windscreen.

Make sure that you do not have any significant chips or cracks within the driver's field of vision. Tiny dings may be okay, but otherwise, you may have to talk with a screen repair specialist first.

Conducting Your Check

These are the major areas of concern, so do yourself a favour and check them now before you present your car for the inspection.


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Awesome auto service stories

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