Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

  • 4 Car Battery Mistakes You Need to Avoid

    Your car's battery is inseparable from your vehicle. It powers the car upon ignition and it also powers other vital electronic services such as air conditioning, lighting, music, GPS gadgets, and other services. Battery problems are common among drivers, often causing car stalling by the road side. However, you can easily avoid such problems by steering clear of the following battery mistakes listed below. Not checking your battery's expiry date

  • Common Radiator Problems Expected With Used or Old Automotive Repairs

    A car radiator is a component that is tasked with removing heat from the circulating coolant, and dispelling it away from the car engine. If you bought a used automobile or have been driving your car for a couple of years, then radiator problems are almost a sure thing. Many cars develop radiator problems that require automotive repairs once they have passed certain mileages. Radiator repairs, as well as any other cooling system repairs, may attract very large charges if the problem is left to persist.

  • Tell-tale signs your car requires transmission repairs

    If there is a hint of peculiarity or something out of the ordinary in the way your car functions, more often than not, your car is trying to tell you something. But diagnosing car problems can seem to appear as difficult as rocket science to the untrained eye. Nonetheless, you will know what to look out for if your car requires transmission service, provided you go through the forthcoming paragraphs with a microscope.

  • Things You Can Expect with a Diesel Fuel-Injection Service

    Your vehicle requires quite a few maintenance procedures in order to operate at peak efficiency, and this includes regular oil changes, engine cleaning, tire rotation and balancing and fuel-injection service. If your vehicle has a diesel engine, that means that it processes fuel using a diesel injection system, which differs from a standard gas engine, because the fuel is directly injected into the cylinder of your vehicle without undergoing any compression.

  • Don't Overlook These Seemingly Minor Truck Repairs

    If you can start your truck and drive it down the road, you may assume that you can ignore some seemingly minor repairs. However, even small problems with your truck can lead to major repair bills down the road, and can put you and other drivers at risk for an accident. This can be especially true for trucks, as their added weight can make driving while certain repairs are needed even more dangerous.

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Awesome auto service stories

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