Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

Can Vehicle Modifications Affect a Rego Check?

by Debra Morgan

If you love to tinker around in your garage and are an avid automotive enthusiast, you may have carried out certain modifications to your everyday ride. While you may have been careful to ensure that these mods are safe and reliable, you need to take some additional steps before legally driving your car on the road. What is involved?

Dealing with Modified Vehicles

Regulations vary according to the state or territory, but a modified vehicle can usually be registered provided it is shown to conform to safety standards. Essentially, it needs to be approved by the motor vehicle registry, but minor modifications may not need any specific approval. This will depend on whether the modifications affect safety, reliability or strength or involve important systems like the steering or brakes.

Going Before the Committee

You'll find a technical advisory committee attached to the motor vehicle registry. This is made up of experts who will recommend whether a certain vehicle should be approved or not. These experts tend to be either police officers, local transit officials or automotive enthusiasts.

Presenting Details

When you present your vehicle to this committee, you will need to supply certain details, including the date of original manufacture. You will then need to point out what modifications you've made with sketches or photos and, if you have introduced an aftermarket kit, certification documents provided by that manufacturer.

Taking Additional Tests

Committee members will always assess each vehicle against federal and local rules. Occasionally, you may need special engineering certification if the committee members have any unresolved questions.

Completing the Checks

Most people should succeed with their application if they've taken particular care to do their work properly and in line with any aftermarket manufacturer guidelines. Remember, the committee is concerned with safety first and foremost and will always want to ensure that the vehicle presents no threat to its occupants or other road users.

Making Sure That You Pass

If you've only made basic or minor modifications and you do not need special committee certification, you can present the vehicle for a rego test as normal. However, if you have any questions before that all-important visit, you can book the vehicle for full service at an authorised repair shop. The mechanic will know exactly what is required to pass such a test and will also know what the average inspector looks for. Accordingly, they will be able to advise you if there are any problems.

For more information about what rego inspections will look for, reach out to a local service.


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Awesome auto service stories

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