Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

4 Things You Should Know About Log Book Servicing

by Debra Morgan

Have you heard about logbook servicing? It is a manufacturer-recommended service protocol that aims to keep your engine healthy. Below are some things you should know about logbook servicing. 

1. Logbook Is Tied To Your Vehicle Warranty

The perks of buying a new vehicle are that it comes with a warranty. This warranty has varying terms, one being that the owner should follow the recommended logbook servicing schedule. If you breach this condition, the warranty could become void since the company could argue that your negligence caused the issue. It is for this reason that you should always conduct logbook servicing once you buy a new car. 

2. Logbook Servicing Is Not Expensive

A misconception held by some car owners is that logbook servicing is expensive. However, this assertion is false. A cost-benefit analysis of logbook servicing will reveal that the activity has long-term benefits compared to temporary fixes to keep your vehicle running. For instance, if the schedule recommends that you change the injectors every 20,000 kilometres, an owner that opts to forego this requirement might not see any changes in the performance of their car. However, as the injectors continue to wear out, they are likely to feed too much fuel into the combustion chamber.

In this case, the vehicle begins to develop myriad problems ranging from overconsumption of fuel, pre-detonation, smoking and overheating. By the time they realise the issue, they will have spent too much money and time on temporary fixes. An owner who replaced their injectors at the required time will not face this problem. 

3. Consider The Services Of Accredited Mechanics When Conducting Logbook Services

Some manufacturers do not compel you to conduct the logbook servicing at particular garages. Regardless, it would be wise to work with a manufacturer-accredited garage. The advantage of these garages is that the mechanics have the skills, equipment and knowledge required to repair your car. Since they have long-term relationships with the manufacturer, they will have easy access to OEM parts. 

4. Logbook Servicing Could Increase The Value Of The Vehicle

People buying used cars are often worried that the vehicle will break down after a few weeks. You can use the logbook repair schedule as a guarantee that your vehicle is well taken care of. A buyer would be willing to spend more for a well-kept vehicle as opposed to one whose condition cannot be ascertained. 

When conducting logbook servicing, check the terms of your warranty, work with accredited garages and used the logbook service schedule to make your vehicle marketable. Contact a logbook service for more information. 


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Awesome auto service stories

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