Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

Why You Shouldn't Skip Log Book Service

by Debra Morgan

Logbook service is one of the most important services that car mechanics offer to help keep your car in top-running shape. Logbook servicing refers to a range of car maintenance tasks that should be carried out at the specific time or mileage intervals specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Unfortunately, some car owners skip logbook service because they want to save money on their car maintenance costs. This often proves to be a big mistake in many different ways. 

Continue reading on below to find out why you shouldn't miss logbook servicing.

Skipping logbook service puts your car at an increased risk of a breakdown

Like other machines, cars need scheduled maintenance to keep running in peak condition. If you don't get your engine oil changed, engine's cooling system inspected, tyres checked, wheels aligned, brakes inspected and other car manufacturer-recommended maintenance tasks performed in a timely fashion, then a car breakdown will be imminent. 

Undertaking timely logbook service will help keep your car in the best working shape, thus minimising the risk of vehicle failure while on the road.

Skipping logbook service will reduce the fuel efficiency of your car

Everyone wants to keep their car's operating costs at a minimum. This is something that will be difficult to achieve if you keep missing logbook services. Neglecting maintenance on your car will prevent the vehicle from running smoothly, causing it to consume more fuel to cover a specific distance. 

Skipping logbook service will compromise your car's safety

From brakes to tyres, dashboard warning lights and exterior lights, your car comprises a variety of components that affect your safety on the road.

Properly functioning brakes are essential for allowing you to slow down or stop the vehicle in an emergency situation, while the dashboard lights let you know when something's wrong with your car. Exterior lights, on the other hand, let you communicate with other road drivers, allowing everyone to stay safe on the road.

Neglecting logbook service may mean hitting the road in a car with a malfunctioning safety system, thus jeopardising your safety and that of your passengers and other road users. 

Skipping logbook service might render your car unroadworthy

Keeping your car in roadworthy condition is a legal requirement that is essential for maximising the safety of all road users. If you neglect logbook service, your car may not pass your state-administered roadworthy inspection and will be considered to be a road safety hazard.

Skipping logbook service may render your new car warranty invalid

The manufacturer's warranty that comes with your new car is intended to protect you against factory defects that may arise after you've bought the vehicle.

One of the prerequisites for maintaining this warranty is to maintain your vehicle correctly. Failing to undertake logbook service is a mistake that could cost you the protection of your new car warranty.

Skipping logbook service will reduce the resale value of your car

Well-maintained cars retain their value well, while neglected ones can quickly lose their value over time. Disregarding logbook service is a mistake that will reduce the value of your car if you decide to sell it in the future. No used car buyer wants to buy a faulty vehicle.

From the above discussion, it's clear that skipping logbook service may have dire consequences on the performance, reliability, safety, and value of the vehicle. To avoid these issues and concerns, talk to a car mechanic near you about your car's logbook servicing needs.


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