Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

3 Ways to Tell You Need To See a Mechanic ASAP

by Debra Morgan

Anything in your car that sounds, smells and looks abnormal should be checked. However, many people will tend to ignore the minor signals that often indicate a looming problem. For instance, some car owners will not react to a flashing check engine light. After all, the blinking light will disappear after some time. 

The check engine light and other dashboard lights indicate that your car needs immediate attention from a professional mechanic. Failing to heed these small signs can lead to a gradual escalation of the damages into severe problems, requiring costly repairs and parts' replacements. Here are three signs that may require you to take your car to a licensed mechanic immediately.

If The Check Engine Light Keeps On Flashing or Blinking

If your vehicle's check engine light starts to blink, then something in the engine is certainly amiss. In most cases, the flashing light is due to an emission system problem such as leakage of unburned fuel into the exhaust. If that happens, it may destroy the catalytic converter, which is time-consuming and costly to repair. For that reason, you should take your car to a mechanic for an engine inspection when you notice that your check engine light is continually blinking. 

If You Notice Puddles of Liquid Under Your Car

When you notice pools of a liquid substance whenever you park your car, you might need to take a trip to your mechanic right away. It is a telltale sign that one of the fluids in your vehicle's engine is leaking out. A greenish liquid indicates leakage of the coolant, while a brownish or red fluid could be a leakage of the engine oil, transmission oil or brake fluid. A fluid leak is not only risky but could be quite costly in the long run since you will keep on refilling the liquid. To avoid that, you need to fix the leak as fast as possible. 

If You Hear Weird Noises When Driving

One of the vital clues that your vehicle needs a mechanic's attention is when you start hearing unfamiliar noises. For instance, clicking or tickling indicates that the oil levels are critically low. Likewise, squealing or grinding when taking a sharp corner or braking signifies that your brake pads and wheel bearing are dying. Whatever the noise, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic for proper diagnosis and repair. The noise could be an indication of a serious underlying problem. 

You should respond quickly to anything that seems out of the ordinary in your car. Waiting too long can lead to more pricey and devastating repairs. Visit a local mechanic for early diagnosis and repairs. 


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Awesome auto service stories

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