Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

How to Take a Non-Traditional Approach to Truck Servicing

by Debra Morgan

If you ask anyone who runs a commercial trucking operation, they will tell you that on-the-road time is the most important factor of all when it comes to profitability. Each of their trucks is, after all, worth a lot of money, and to get full return on that investment, this vehicle will need to keep moving. Now this can present a challenge to anyone who is setting up such a company at the outset, and especially when it comes to repairs and maintenance. If you're in this position and are trying to schedule your operation going forward, what type of approach should you take instead?

Fight Inefficiency

If you are to run these vehicles as much as possible, then you will also, unfortunately, have to deal with wear and tear. Certainly, the typical diesel truck today is well-engineered and can be expected to be reliable, but certain parts will wear out and must be serviced from time to time.

In the past, this may have involved a set amount of downtime and a visit to a remote servicing facility. To do that, that driver would need to break away from their daily route and travel to this facility, while spending a lot of time away from what they do best. Furthermore, they may encounter some delays when they get to the servicing garage. They may have to consult with a receptionist or a supervisor and wait their turn before being seen. This is all well and good and may be part of the traditional approach, but it's not efficient when it comes to profitability.

Use On-Site Work

Instead, you should take advantage of the latest solution and get a mobile diesel mechanic to come to you . Certainly, you will have to set aside a part of your garage on-site so that they can do their work, but you will certainly cut down on the amount of downtime. When you do, you should be able to get back to normal more quickly as a consequence.

Furthermore, the mechanic will get to know your facility, will be able to anticipate what you need and help you avoid any peripheral delays caused by other customers. The mechanic will be completely focused on your work and will get it done more efficiently, and this should be appreciated by your drivers.


Start off as you mean to go on and make your operation as streamlined as possible. Get in touch with a mobile diesel mechanic who performs on-site diesel repairs and schedule them into your strategy.


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Awesome auto service stories

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