Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

Auto Service: Symptoms of Insufficient Clutch Fluid

by Debra Morgan

Your clutch fluid, also known as your transmission fluid, is essential for the efficiency of your engine. Since the fluid levels will gradually decrease in accordance to how frequently you drive your vehicle, it is important to ensure that it is replenished as need be. However, if you have a routine schedule of topping up this fluid but still find that you are experiencing problems with your transmission, chances are you have sprung a leak in your clutch fluid. Some motorists make the mistake of leaving the problem unattended and simply topping off the clutch fluid more frequently will solve the problem. The reality is a leak will invariably lead to other problems with the components in your vehicle. Below are some of the symptoms that you should be wary of that would indicate insufficient clutch fluid.

You experience vibrations when attempting to shift gears

If your vehicle is in optimal condition, shifting of your gears should be seamless and smooth. In the event that you start to experience stuttering when you attempt to change your gears, it is likely that there is a problem with your clutch fluid. You may also start expiring resistance when you are trying to change from one gear to the next. Low levels of clutch fluid cause a change in the efficiency of your gear shifting because there will be increased friction between the parts. It is important to have the problem addressed post haste before the mechanical components begin to grind down.

You experience slippage of gears when driving

Another grave symptom of a decline in your clutch fluid would be slippage of your gears when you are driving. When the clutch fluid has diminished, there will be a decrease in the vehicle's hydraulic power. This, in turn, affects the ability to stay in gear when you are driving. As a result, you will begin to notice that whenever you are trying to select a gear, the transmission is unable to engage appropriately. This can be quite risky, especially when driving on a busy road, as your vehicle becomes a hazard to both you and other road users since you no longer have control over its gears.

You experience sluggish shifting of your gears

When trying to shift gears, you clutch is supposed to respond immediately. However, when the clutch fluid is low, it impedes on your clutch's response rate too. This leads to you experiencing a delay when you try to shift gears, making driving more arduous than it has to be.


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Awesome auto service stories

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