Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

Inspect Before You Buy

by Debra Morgan

Mechanics offer additional services other than just fixing your broken-down car. Mechanics are also excellent help when you are considering buying a used car. The most common practice for someone considering a car is to drive the car around the block a few times. You get a feel for the vehicle and how it handles along with being able to detect any obvious problems. However, mechanics are able to see much more than just if the engine is making any sounds or not.

Hidden Problems

A mechanic will be able to open up the engine and show you that the belt is about to slip loose, etc. They will be able to see obvious problems that you would not feel or know just from test driving the car. These problems do not always mean that you should not purchase the car, but you will at least know when you hand over the money that you will need to be buying a specific new piece in a few months. You can use that knowledge to negotiate the price down. If the car is still under warranty, this step may not be necessary, but it is always worth it.


Many people skip having a mechanic inspect a possible purchase saying it will just be a waste of money. Let's look at an example. Let's say that the cost of the inspection is $150. If everything is fine on the car, you may see that as wasted money. However, there is just as much a chance that everything is not fine. What if your mechanic discovered a $3,000 problem with the engine? Suddenly, the $150 you spent on an inspection that helped you avoid buying a car that was going to have major problems does not seem like such a large amount anymore.


Having a mechanic inspect a car you are considering may seem difficult. You must coordinate a time with the seller who is also working with other potential buyers. You will then have to get the car to the mechanic and either wait while it is inspected or have someone give you a ride. Such a hassle may not seem like a fun way to begin your new car owning experience. There is one answer to this problem that may help you save time. Mobile inspectors can travel around and inspect the car right at your house. This might be a more convenient option for you to save time, though the cost might be a bit more.


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Awesome auto service stories

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