Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

Transmission Repairs | 4 Strategies To Protect Your Automatic Transmission During Hot Summers

by Debra Morgan

Did you know that high Australian summer temperatures can put a strain on your automatic transmission? As your car ejects heat in summer, the hot air travels to your engine, which may cause transmission fluid to heat up. Heated transmission fluid can result in burned seals and clutch faults. Car overheating can trigger expensive transmission repairs later if you're not careful, especially if the entire system needs rebuilding. Apart from regular transmission repairs and servicing, follow these strategies to protect your automatic transmission in hot summers.

Avoid Back-To-Back Traffic As Much As Possible

While it's not always possible to stay away from traffic jams and back-to-back traffic, especially if you drive to work, try to stay away from them as much as you possibly can. Continual stopping and starting your engine in hot temperatures generates more heat in the car and causes your automatic transmission to work harder. This will result in it breaking down faster.

Avoid Towing Heavy Items Frequently In Summers

You should ideally avoid towing anything heavy in your car when the weather is hot outside because the added weight from towing these items will put a strain on your automatic transmission and will force it to work harder. This will heat up the transmission fluid quickly, especially with the hot weather going around, and may cause your transmission to fail prematurely.

Check Transmission Fluid Levels Often When The Temperature Heats Up

Summer weather is well known to put a strain on all kinds of transmission systems, so it's prudent to check your transmission fluid levels more often during these months. Since transmission fluid is crucial for lubricating and cooling the transmission of your car, low transmission fluid levels or leaks in the system can cause your car to overheat quickly. A transmission repairs specialist can help you check fluid levels and will also look for dirty or burnt fluid in the system. Dirty or burnt transmission fluid should be replaced completely to avoid any long-term problems with your car's transmission system.

Get The Solenoid Checked During Transmission Fluid Refills

When getting your transmission fluid refilled, it may be judicious to get the solenoid checked to see that it is in proper working condition. The solenoid controls the transmission fluid that is dispersed to your car's transmission system. In extremely hot temperatures, the solenoid may feel added pressure and may fail to perform its job accurately. When the solenoid starts to fail, less amounts of transmission fluid are pumped into the system. This will cause added friction between the parts and will trigger an entire transmission system failure.

You cannot leave your car inside just because it is hot outside. Consider these strategies to protect your car during hot summers and don't forget those regular transmission repairs and servicing checks for optimum performance.


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Awesome auto service stories

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