Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

3 Actionable Strategies To Undertake When Your Manual Car Brakes Fail

by Debra Morgan

Your brakes help you control the speed and manoeuvrability of your manual-geared car, so it is easy to panic when they fail. Your first step is to remain calm because any kneejerk action can result in a preventable accident. When your manual car brakes fail, you need to head to a mechanic as soon as possible, but not before undertaking these key actionable strategies while driving.

Downshift Gears

When your car brakes fail, you must immediately start downshifting your gears before coming to a halt. When you downshift your gears, you are using your car's engine to slow down the car. You should ideally lower your gears smoothly to prevent the engine from shutting off because if the engine shuts down, then you will lose your power steering car control. Avoid downshifting in jerks because this may damage your transmission and will require more expensive repairs at the mechanic.

Use The Emergency Brakes When Necessary 

The emergency brake or the parking brake is a key option when your brakes have failed. Keep in mind that an emergency brake takes longer to stop a car, since they focus only on the rear wheels. Make sure you apply the brake gently because any harsh or quick action could cause the brake to jam the tyres. If you are driving at high speeds and pull the emergency brake completely, you risk the possibility of toppling over or losing control. Try to downshift your gears before applying an emergency brake to bring the car to a halt.

Move Your Car Towards The Shoulder Lane With Your Emergency Lights On

When your brakes fail, you need to calmly direct your manual-geared vehicle towards the shoulder lane. You can then wait in this shoulder lane until a tow service arrives to take your car to the mechanic. When moving to the left lane, be sure to put on your emergency lights and left indicators because cars are likely travelling at high speeds on major highways. Emergency lights indicate that something is wrong with your car and will help other drivers stay clear of you on the left. Once your car is stationed safely, put off the engine and call a tow truck. Do not move a car with failed brakes on your own because of the danger involved.

Always put safety as your top priority when your manual car brakes fail. Follow these actionable instructions and make sure that you take your car to a qualified mechanic immediately to prevent any accidents from taking place.


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Awesome auto service stories

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