Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

How to Know If Your Car's Exhaust System Needs Repair or Even Replacement

by Debra Morgan

The exhaust system on your car may be more important to its overall function than you realize; a car's engine works with a mixture of oxygen and flammable materials in order to create the combustion needed to power it. The exhaust system of a car helps to deliver the oxygen an engine receives, so the combustion can be created and maintained. A car's exhaust system also directs fumes and emissions away from the cab of the car so you can breathe easier, even if you don't realize it. Note how to tell if your car's exhaust system needs repair or even replacement.

1. Vibrations when you accelerate

If your car's muffler has gone bad and needs replacing, you may notice vibrations and loud sounds any time the car is turned on. However, when you accelerate, your exhaust system is working harder to deliver needed oxygen to the combustion engine and to take away emissions and fumes. If there are holes in the exhaust system, if a connector is coming loose, or if there is rust in the pipes, you may then notice more vibrations when you accelerate. Even if the exhaust system doesn't seem excessively loud, have this checked, as your car's engine could be working harder than it should, and you may be using more fuel to operate the engine.

2. The smell of exhaust in the car

You can often tell problems with your car according to smells you notice, and exhaust problems are no different. Since the tailpipe and other parts of the exhaust are meant to pull fumes and emissions away from the cab of the car, smelling exhaust in your car can mean that there is a hole, a disconnected piece of the pipe, or another reason why these fumes are not being directed out the back of the car. Even if you don't notice noise or vibrations, have your car's exhaust system checked so you don't continue to breath in noxious fumes.

3. Backfiring

If your car occasionally makes a loud banging sound when it's running and especially as you start it, this is a sign of a faulty exhaust system. This backfiring is often the result of the engine getting a sudden burst of oxygen, so it has a loud explosion. Think of blowing on a flame and having it suddenly become larger in size, and this is probably what's going on with your car's engine. Have this examined as this backfiring causes excessive wear on the engine and could cause stalling if left unchecked.


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Awesome auto service stories

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