Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

Tell-tale signs your car requires transmission repairs

by Debra Morgan

If there is a hint of peculiarity or something out of the ordinary in the way your car functions, more often than not, your car is trying to tell you something. But diagnosing car problems can seem to appear as difficult as rocket science to the untrained eye. Nonetheless, you will know what to look out for if your car requires transmission service, provided you go through the forthcoming paragraphs with a microscope.

Slipping of Gears

If your transmission is in pristine condition, the car stays in the designated gear until there is an initiation of a gear shift. But if your car pops out of gear even while driving, or if the gear stick abnormally goes into neutral, it is a tell-tale sign that your transmission requires examination or fixing.

Lack of Response from the Car

It is already difficult getting a delightful response from your better half, but it could spell doom if your car fails to respond to your commands. If the car fails to go into proper gear from park to drive, or if you notice a slight delay when shifting the gear, this usually means that you have a transmission problem.

The Smell of Burning Transmission Fluid

What happens when you get a whiff of burning transmission fluid? Well, all signs point towards an overheated transmission. Now, the transmission fluid plays an instrumental role in cooling the unit by keeping the moving parts lubricated properly. Its primary objective is to prevent the unit from burning up. So, if the smell of burning transmission fluid doesn't tell you that your car requires a transmission repair, you might say hello to the firefighter or a doctor next.

Transmission is Noisy in Neutral

The task of describing the sound produced by your car when there is trouble with the transmission requires nothing short of a masterful effort. Well, the sound is nothing you've ever heard before. There are a lot of chances you'll hear a certain type of whining, buzzing and humming noise. If you don't address the problem at this point, it can get expensive for you later.

The Check Engine Light is trying to tell you something

When the check engine light manages to pop on intermittently, your transmission could be on the verge of breaking bad. The sensors in new cars have the capability of picking up on irregularities in the engine and pick up vibrations and early problems that will seem intangible to humans. There are other reasons why the check engine light can come on, but you must consider checking your transmission just to be on the safe side.


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Awesome auto service stories

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