Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

Things You Can Expect with a Diesel Fuel-Injection Service

by Debra Morgan

Your vehicle requires quite a few maintenance procedures in order to operate at peak efficiency, and this includes regular oil changes, engine cleaning, tire rotation and balancing and fuel-injection service. If your vehicle has a diesel engine, that means that it processes fuel using a diesel injection system, which differs from a standard gas engine, because the fuel is directly injected into the cylinder of your vehicle without undergoing any compression.

If you've just recently bought your diesel vehicle, and you're about to go in for a fuel-injection service to keep your engine running smoothly, here's what you can expect the mechanic to do.

Fuel Injection Checklist of Services

When you take your diesel-engine vehicle for a fuel injection service, the shop mechanic will perform these common processes to ensure your diesel injectors are sparkling clean.

  1. Examine fuel lines—the mechanic will inspect your fuel lines to determine if they are clogged or gummed up with deposits that are preventing your vehicle from performing to its fullest capacity. Fuel lines consist of hoses that transport fuel from its storing place in the fuel tank to the engine.
  2. Clean the injectors—typically, a mechanic will use a purge kit to expel any dirt and deposits out of your diesel injectors. As part of the cleansing process, the mechanic will also replace the supply valve and return valve in your injectors, which bring fuel into the injectors and process the fuel once it flows into the injector.
  3. Perform an emissions test—an emissions test analyses the amount of harmful particulates that your engine emits when it's turned on. This test helps the mechanic determine if your diesel injectors have been cleaned to the standards required by your local motor vehicle department. The amount of pollution and dirt emitted by your exhaust system is directly related to the amount of carbon deposits in your engine's intake system, which includes your injectors.

Why Do You Need this Service?

Diesel fuel-injection service is necessary because your engine is susceptible to dirt and carbon deposits that can clog the fuel line and intake valves, which can decrease optimal performance and lead to engine problems.

In addition, a fuel system gummed up by carbon can lead to a lack of acceleration when you're driving, an engine that stalls, an engine that idles for a long time, bad road handling and a decrease in your car's fuel efficiency. Learn more by contacting resources like Hi Tech Diesel Injection Pty Ltd.


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Awesome auto service stories

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