Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

Mechanical Problems You Never Want to Ignore in Your Car

by Debra Morgan

Not all mechanical problems with your car need immediate attention; you may be able to drive with a hole in your muffler for some time without doing anything but bothering your neighbors and reducing your car's gas mileage. However, there are some common mechanical problems with your car that you never want to ignore even if it seems that you can readily start your car and drive it down the road. Note the following.

1. Any problems with the car's brakes

Never assume that because you can get your car's brakes to work that they're fine for driving. If you have to virtually stand on them to get them to stop your car, or pump them before they work, these are signs that your car is leaking brake fluid. You may also be having problems with the calipers, which are the clips that squeeze the brakes pads against your car's rotors. When these fail, your brakes might not squeeze, or they may stay pressed against the rotors even after you release the pedal. Those pads may also be slipping out of place, or the rotor could be worn down and thin.

No matter the problems with your brakes, remember that they could easily fail while you're on the road. The calipers could break altogether, or brake fluid could leak out completely. Always have any problems with your brakes checked out at once, even if they work somewhat slightly while driving.

2. A tire that keeps going flat, or that has a bulge

An air leak in a tire is not something to ignore, as it can get worse over time, and your tire could go flat while you're driving. Your brakes cannot grip a flat tire, and it's very difficult if not impossible to steer your car with a flat tire. A bulge in the tire means a part of the rubber has gone soft and an air pocket has formed. This soft rubber can easily burst while you're driving. Always have a tire fixed or changed once you notice it keeps going flat or has this bulge so you stay safe while driving.

3. Difficulty steering

If your steering seems too loose, meaning you need to turn the wheel too much to direct your car, your car could be leaking steering fluid. Stiff steering can mean a chain is locking up. These problems can also get worse while you're on the road so that you can't control your car while driving, or the steering locks up completely. Don't ignore these problems; have them checked immediately. For more information, contact a business such as Treg Smiths Auto's Pty Ltd.


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Awesome auto service stories

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