Awesome auto service stories

Awesome auto service stories

Truck Service: Why Remanufactured Truck Parts Are the Next Best Thing to New Parts

by Debra Morgan

Any time you take your truck for service or repairs, you often have to contend with changing parts. Apart from making your truck road-ready again, doing so every other time can drain your pockets also and reduce your trucking profits. However, besides expensive new parts, you can also opt for remanufactured parts. Read on to learn more below.

What are remanufactured parts?

Remanufactured parts are secondhand parts that have been re-tooled to repair damage and improve efficiency. Often, these parts are first disassembled by experienced mechanics. The different parts are then carefully examined for damage. Any worn or damaged areas are then replaced with viable secondhand parts or new parts. Once the components are checked, they are re-assembled, fitted into a vehicle and tested.

Advantages of remanufactured parts

For one, remanufactured truck parts are cheaper than new. This is because they are obtained from trucks that are not on the road anymore. Although they are slightly more expensive than secondhand parts, they are not nearly as expensive as new parts. If you therefore swap your damaged parts for remanufactured alternatives, you get to save money.

Another advantage of remanufactured truck parts is that you still get to retain OEM parts for your truck. The remanufactured parts fitted into your vehicle are meant specifically for that vehicle. Any internal replacements are also OEM parts so the value and dependability of your new parts stands beyond reproach.

Another great reason to consider remanufactured parts is that they are usually available for fitting at truck repair service stations. This is often the easiest option as opposed to having your parts taken out, re-tooled and fixed. That process would take long considering original replacements may not be available. However, with a fully remanufactured part on standby, your truck can be fitted and taken on the road without any delays. This will reduce service inconveniences and ensure your truck experiences minimal downtime.

Keep in Mind

Lastly, note that not every service shop may have remanufactured parts in stock and ready for your truck. Only specific truck service stations offer remanufactured parts. Often these are auto shops with comprehensive knowledge of the said parts. Check out shops like Duns Bros to learn whether or not they have the parts for your specific truck.

Two, not every part in your truck is viable for remanufactured replacements. Due to cost, only major parts which are expensive to buy should be replaced with remanufactured spares. This includes parts such as engine, transmission, exhaust system and so forth.


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Awesome auto service stories

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